Unit Studies (Themes)

At DIY Homeschooler we provide encouragement and resources to those homeschool handy-moms paving their own way — solutions to help you “do-it-yourself” when it comes to tutoring your children.

Subjects: English Language Arts (ELA), History, Geography

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Harbor and Sprout have taken great care to develop a framework that provides the perfect mix of structure and freedom to make it your own. Each curriculum option and unit study includes all the tools and plans you’ll need. You get to choose the best way to incorporate them into your homeschool.

Subjects: Agriculture, Astronomy, Aviation, Beekeeping, Botany, Chemistry, Construction, Engineering, Entomology, Exploration, First Responders, Forensic Science, Forestry, Geology, Home Economics, Homesteading and Sustainable Living, Human Body, Meteorology, Oceanography, Outdoor Survival Skills, Paleontology, Speleology, Textiles and Fashion, Tropical Ecology, Visual Arts and Zoology

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Grades:  PreK to 12th Grades

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Our goal is to bring you tips, tricks, inspiration, and unique resources that help ignite a love of learning in your children. Encouraging you to follow your children’s lead and learn alongside them every day. From Space to Hogwarts, Wilderness Survival to Traveling the World, we have something educational and fun for every learner.

Unit studies from The Waldock Way are designed to support you as you navigate interest-led homeschooling and always include book lists, videos, hands-on activities, games for learning, and links to additional resources to support every style of learner.

Resources: Unit Studies, Podcasts, Preschool Packs, Homeschool Planners, Homeschool Fun Packs, Free Learning Resources, 

Grades: Pre-K to 8th Grade

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