Career Day

Career day helps students connect what they are learning in homeschool with opportunities for work. We encourage our multiple business interviewees to share their workplace, job, education, and skills that are required for success. Homeschooled students will view a compiled online video to gather information regarding a desired industry and the career options it provides. 

Career Day Interviews

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How Homeschool Career Days Help Your Student

Career days expose your homeschooled student to various potential careers and job opportunities in demand. By watching our business participants’ interviews, students are

  • Provided a realistic expectation of the position in the workplace.
  • Aided to learn how to enter into this industry and position.
  • Learn more to prepare for their own informed career planning.



Deciding Upon a Career

Choosing a career is a significant decision, and it’s essential for students to ask themselves a series of questions to help them make an informed choice.

Career Exploration

Allow for Reflection

Allow your homeschooled student to reflect upon what was learned from the Career Day interview. Download our Student Reflection Questionnaire to assist in your activity.