History and Geography Resources

We list several history and geography resources to help with locating educational materials for your homeschool. We list special education options too.

Teaching history lessons from a textbook? Whether you are a homeschool family, charter school parent, or classroom teacher, there is a better way! Students love learning history the Unboxed way! Make your curriculum come alive with exciting open-and-go history boxes. The adventure begins when you order a single box, sign up for a subscription, or purchase a complete curriculum!

    Subjects: History, Geography

    Resources: Poster, Coloring Sheet, Time Capsule Kit, Worksheets, Family Tree kit, crafts, sticker, material, and magazine

    Grades:  PreK to 12th Grades

    Memberships: Prices vary (American History Full Curriculum $575.00)

    Dive into the world of Honest History, where truthful stories from the past inspire children to make a positive impact on our future.

    Subjects: History, Geography

    Resources: Magazines, Books, Bundles, Podcast, Blog

    Grades:  Ages 6-12

    Memberships: Prices vary

    Welcome to Mysteries in Time, your passport to the enthralling world of history, where learning is a grand adventure. Our mission was simple: to explore the world, to immerse ourselves in different cultures, and to have an adventure!

    Subjects: History, Geography


    Grades:  3rd to 12th Grades

    Memberships: Subscription Box $11.95 ($143.90 UK)

    Now your child can join The Landmark Kids agents Aaron, Kelly, Natalie, and Jimmy as they discover remote countries around the globe by solving challenging puzzles and new mysteries. Every month your child will get the rare opportunity to access engaging clues and puzzles, navigate foreign cities, and discover a wide range of cultural traditions.

    Subjects: History, Geography


    Grades:  Ages 7 to 12 Years

    Memberships: 12 Months $360.00 | 6 Months $186.00 | 3 Months $96.00 |  Month  to Month $33.00

    Pandia Press is a premier provider of science and history books. We publish comprehensive, secular, and engaging products utilized by home educators, families, co-ops, and schools.

    Subjects: Science, History

    Resources: REAL Science Odyssey Series Books, History Odyssey Books, History Quest Books

    Grades:  K to 10th Grades

    Memberships: Try Before You Buy, Prices Vary

    Welcome to the best place (Who was ? Series) to discover all the fascinating stories and amazing facts about trailblazers, legends, places, and events. Who HQ For You is a monthly program that presents teachers, librarians, and families with engaging thematic activities. Each month’s activities give the flexibility to learn history through trivia, chapter samplers, and student-relevant activities—we made them just for you, 

    Special Education: ADHD

    Subjects: History

    Resources: Activity Sheets, App, Books, Monthly Themes, Podcast and Show, Google Assistant, and Roblex game

    Grades: K-8th Grades

    Memberships: Books available at your favorite bookstore; Free activity sheets.

    In Woke Homeschooling‘s A Whole New World History, we search out buried narratives and learn about how past events can help us understand our present world. We travel continent by continent exploring each region’s unique stories, geography, and legacy. Join us as we face the truth of the past and allow it to shape and guide us into informed and engaged global citizens.

    Subjects: History, Geography

    Resources: Online Classes

    Grades:  6th to 8th Grades

    Memberships: $60.00 per month for 1 Year, $20.00 Setup Fee*