Homeschool Career Days

Let your student explore new skills and resources related to their interested career paths.

Online Career Exploration

Our online courses introduces your student to the basic skills and knowledge needed in specific career paths.

Explore a Career

All Access Pass Membership

All Access Pass membership includes ALL of our limited-release content, middle and high school bundles and courses, PLUS all future releases as well! We will be releasing A LOT of new content, bundles, courses, and resources, and those are accessible through our All Access Pass.

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Why Take Our Courses

Explore Different Career Opportunities

Career aspirations are a good predictor of the jobs that students go on to occupy as adults. Students will likely realize their dream occupation when they have an expanded knowledge about the world of work and personal background to support those dreams.

Connecting Students with Employers

We strive to bridge the skill gap between employers and young people. We provide career insight information through career and subject talks, mentoring, workplace visits, job shadowing and short work placement opportunities whereever possible.


"To be able to provide our autistic son with a resource for the skills he wanted to learn (but struggles to obtain in a traditional way) is immeasurable. Thank you!"

Donald C.