Encouraging Engagement-Based Learning: Growth Lesson Planning

Help your students to grow through well-planned, structured, and successfully facilitated educational opportunities. Learn how to develop lesson plans that engage your students, focus on teaching (not content), minimize disruptions and distractions, better foster student thinking, and facilitate learning.

This 45-minute course includes the “Growth Lesson Plans” workbook to assist you in planning, structuring, and facilitating homeschool courses tailored for your students.

From making the choice to homeschool, choosing your curriculum type, scheduling your lessons, establishing lesson plans, and using teaching techniques, homeschool parents find homeschooling a challenge. Our eight-page guide provides quick tips to assist parents with making educational choices during their homeschooling journey.

🔑 Scheduling Your Homeschool Lessons
🔑 Successful Lesson Planning
🔑 Powerful Teaching and Intentional Lesson Planning
🔑 Lesson Planning with the WIPPEA Model
🔑 Why Use Bloom’s Taxonomy
🔑 Usefulness of a Rubric
🔑 Well-Written Objectives
🔑 The Value of a Lesson Planner
🔑 Bloom Taxonomy Verbs
🔑 Homeschool Curriculum Types

Designed for Homeschool Families


We offer educational courses for middle to high-school-aged students. These elective-type lessons are designed to expose students to ideas, skills, and concepts that pertain to in-demand occupations. 


We provide activity-based workbooks that provide materials that assist in developing high-level educational activities, such as analyzing, evaluating, and creating. 


We provide assistance to parents to help navigate homeschool journeys. Our guides and consulting services provide direction and support when you need it.